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Meeshi has studied, performed, and taught various movement disciplines since 1989 including West African dance, Afro-Brazilian dance, Modern Dance, Partner Yoga and Tai Chi. In 1996, he discovered social Lindy Hop dancing and has been focusing his energies on exploring this highly improvisatory dance form ever since.


Since 1998, Meeshi has taught swing classes at all of San Diego's major local universities (UCSD, SDSU, and USD) and has been the promoter/organizer of several of San Diego's most popular swing venues including the La Jolla Marriott (1998-1999), Cafe Savoy (1999-2002), the Aubergine (2003-2004) and the ever-popular Firehouse (1998-present).


Meeshi has studied extensively with some of the best Lindy dancers in the world, and continues to broaden his movement studies through learning Salsa, Argentine Tango, Tap and Afro-Cuban dance. He is eager to share some of his deep knowledge and love for dancing with you. Lindy Hop is one of the most fun, creative and innovative social dances on the planet, and with Meeshi's help (and lots of patience, persistence and PRACTICE), you'll slowly begin to absorb and master this beautiful African-American partner dance form.

About Meeshi: